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WWE в Афганистане.Фотоотчёт 2011.Часть 4

The soldiers take the Superstars and Divas out for a tour of the area.

Kofi Kingston prepares to take flight.

The Bellas, Kingston and Vince McMahon are ready for takeoff.

The group gets an amazing view from above Afghanistan.

Kofi Kingston, The Bellas and WWE CEO Vince McMahon visited an "junkyard" where old Soviet and Afghan military equipment is abandoned.

The Bellas pose next to a forgotten srcic of Afghanistan's past.

Each troops division presented the Superstars and Divas with coins honoring them ...

... and sometimes gave them American flags flown in combat.

Kofi Kingston purchased and Afghan war helmet at a local shop to add to his collection.

WWE CEO Vince McMahon enjoys visiting the Armed Forces overseas.

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