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WWE в Афганистане.Фотоотчёт 2011.Часть 1

Soldiers on board a C130 Plane on the way to Shindad, Afghanistan.

Mr. McMahon greets a soldier while visiting Afghanistan.

Kingston, The Bellas and WWE CEO Vince McMahon meet an Afghan general that reminds them of The Iron Sheik.

A soldier displays his signed copies of THQ's "WWE '12."

On their second trip to visit troops, The Bella Twins show off their American Pride while in Afghanistan.

A soldier drops to one knee and proposes to one of The Bella Twins.

Kofi Kingston gets a tour of an Apache helicopter in Shindad, Afghanistan.

High-flying Superstar Kofi Kingston gets a look at what it really takes to fly on his first trip to Afghanistan .

WWE CEO Vince McMahon may have met his match in Afghanistan.

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